At the end of the video, Heavy comes back seeking revenge on

What’s your move this Valentine’s Day? If you’re out and about, do your own informal human behavior experiment and see if you catch any couple’s in the act of phubbing. Ask your partner or close companions how they see it, and whether you can make changes that might just save you something more valuable than even the cost of your champagne. Ka ching!. Ironic Echo: Prune, after his Heel Face Turn, reprises “Why Can’t Every Day Be Christmas?” originally sung by Whipple in the department store. Large Ham: Prune, who embraces every evil villain stereotype with gusto. Making a Spectacle of Yourself: Prune sports a rather steampunkish pair of goggles when he visits Santa at the department store. The title uses the Japanese word for tiger, tora, and the Japanese romanization of dragon, dora(gon). Very early on in the anime (about episode 3) Ryuuji explicitly states that the dragon and the tiger were the only two animals that could truly be equals. Indeed, the two spend much of the series as perfectly matched rivals or relying on each other.

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