Likewise, in British media London Is The Centre Of The

San Francisco and Chicago also show up in this role on occasion, though not to the same degree as those two cities. Likewise, in British media London Is The Centre Of The Universe, and in Indian media it is Mumbai. Note that Canadians who refer to Toronto as such, however, are being self deprecatingly sarcastic (if they live in that area themselves) or just plain sarcastic (if they’re from anywhere else in Canada). Bodyguard Crush: Tres’ incredible devotion to Caterina Sforza in both the novels and the manga. Broke Episode: Abel never seems to have money when he needs it. Burn the Witch!: Both Terrans and Methuselah hate witches. Rush Limbaugh is warming his pipes for a fresh assault on the Obama team. Ditto Drudge. Glen Beck has already cleared time on his week day tea party romp for our frolicking hero.

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