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“I’m out in the waiting room, and the doctor comes out and says that everything went well and he is in recovery,” said Patty. “But pretty soon, the doctor came rushing back out saying that he had no pulse in his foot and that he was minutes from losing it. They brought in the vascular team that was able to find the clot and take it out. Stefan Grossman, his tablature books in the ’80s were huge for me for finger picking. And now all of a sudden, he’s going “Bill Broonzy wrote this blues (song), and here’s the finger picking pattern to it.” Suddenly, you’re going “Wow, who’s Bill Broonzy?” Now you’re into the Delta, now you’re into Robert Johnson and all those guys. And then the Internet comes, and you’re seeing old archive things of Skip James playing, and you’re going, “I’m going to steal that lick.” And now you’re really playing the acoustic guitar all over it to the degree that I can.

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