The theological debate kind of glosses over the reason why

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Conan manages an unusual variant when he prays to his patron, Krom, just before the final showdown. Krom is a stoic and aloof warrior god, one who teaches that his followers should be strong enough to solve their own problems (and thus asking for his help displeases him, so he never grants it). Which actually spawned an interesting theological debate that still continues to this day. If God is omniscient, then he already knew there weren’t ten righteous men to be found, so God’s agreement to the pact merely delays a divine punishment he already decided on in other words, God deceived Abraham. Conversely, if God did not deceive Abraham, this implies that God is not omniscient. Doesn’t seem that complex. “I know there aren’t ten good people in there. But if there were, I wouldn’t destroy the city.” Those in Favor of omniscience tend to argue that the discussion was for Abraham’s benefit, he was having a crisis of faith over God’s destruction of a city full of (presumed) innocents so God talked the issue over him and reassured him that he would spare the city if it wasn’t really rotten to the core. The theological debate kind of glosses over the reason why Abraham was reasoning with God in the first place, not only did he not want God to kill righteous men but specifically wanted God to spare his nephew Lot who was living there. While God did not think Sodom had enough righteous inhabitants to warrant sparring it, he did warn Lot and his family and tell them to leave beforehand. Moreover, God did not deceive Abraham because he kept their agreement; the Abraham did not know the specific conditions of the agreement were not met is irrelevant. And even if Abraham’s and God’s specific agreement on how many inhabitants would be necessary to spare the city was pointless, God still spared the righteous that were there, which was the whole purpose behind Abraham’s reasoning in the first place.

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