When she fails for the first time when Zenkichi beats her in

Cute Little Fangs: They sneak in from time to time. Mostly on cats. Amber has now proven that Cute Little Fangs do not belong on a horse. But they do make Dan so adorably cute! Cute Monster Girl: Arguably, Matilda. At least when compared with everyone else. Confirmed here with what a male member of the Blue Volcano Mythos looks like.

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wholesale replica handbags Medaka of Medaka Box was the perfect human. Everything she tried she could do, she could outdo any adult in any academic study, at the age of three, she had and could read entire libraries and she aged physically faster than her older siblings. This of course meant she had no clue how normal humans worked and didn’t understand what failure even was, having never experienced it. By the time she was three, she was dangerously close to losing all connection with humanity, not being able to see a reason for anything anymore. Than she met Zenkichi, who told her that she existed to make people happy. This became her entire reason for existing from than on. When she fails for the first time when Zenkichi beats her in the school president election, she nearly snaps and breaks down on the spot, thinking her reason for existing is no longer there and is literally unable to function without it. wholesale replica handbags

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